Thursday, July 26, 2012


This morning found me loading the kids into the car and heading down the beach road near our house to where I've discovered St. John's Wort growing in profusion.

 Rolled down the windows and left the kids in the car, set up the tripod and voila, a mini vlog on how to harvest St. John's Wort flowers.
     St. John's Wort is the go to herb when you need to brighten your day - it is a popular herb for depression and anxiety.  But lately I am really into creating an elite first aid kit, chock full of herbal remedies, band-aids, and tweezers.  So, in about a month when my oil is done infusing, we will be blessed with a powerful remedy for bruises, sprains, burns, and injuries of all kinds.  My jar of oil is incubating on the sunniest windowsill in our house as I eagerly wait for it's medicinal loveliness to magically transform into a ruby hued wonder.

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