Monday, October 12, 2015

HORMONAL BLISS: The Power is Within You!

So I've got another little story for you about those crappy menstrual cramps I used to get. One day I was so frustrated with suffering every month that I scheduled an appointment with a doctor at the clinic on campus.  I figured that since I had been struggling with debilitating menstrual cramps for so long,  it was time to get a doctor's professional opinion. After having a seat and pouring out my soul to the doctor about my problem, I received a very unhelpful response. Basically I was told that no one is bothering to research PMS or menstrual cramps because women aren't dying from it. There was nothing she could do for me. She then recommended that I switch from Tylenol to Advil for pain relief. And off I went. Very unsatisfying.
Luckily she was wrong. Very, very wrong. Ok, wait. She wasn't totally wrong - I mean there was nothing she could do for me, but there was plenty that I could have done for myself to balance my hormones and heal my cycle. It would have been nice to be pointed in the right direction though.
Healing PMS, menopausal distress, fertility issues, cramps etc means looking closely at three elements: 

How you are eating.
How you are moving.
 How you are thinking. 

Hormonal health requires balancing body, mind and spirit. This concept has become so cliche - but I am living proof that if you are earnest and committed to creating balance in your life, it can be done, and it will result in Hormonal Bliss.
The countdown is on - only 9 more days until The Hormonal Bliss Project is launched and available to help all women (and those who love them) achieve health, harmony and bliss. You don't need to suffer every month - and the good news is that when you heal your PMS, you are also setting the stage for a happy and blissful menopause too. If you've already entered the menopausal years, it's not too late! Your body is giving you another chance to nurture and honour your femininity and your needs.
GOOD NEWS! I am offering a scholarship to the Hormonal Bliss Project! Just shoot a short clip telling me the best (or worst) advice you've ever received for helping you cope with PMS or Menopause and post it on the Keeping It Real Natural Living Facebook page. When the course launches on October 21st I will pick one winner!  Good luck.