Sunday, December 27, 2015


     While there is no doubt that hormonal contraception is convenient and effective, there are serious (and valid) concerns about the side affects and dangers associated with chemically altering natural and normal bodily processes. Sexual autonomy and reproductive rights are a complex issue and there are many factors to consider, but what I would like to address is the value and importance of natural fertility awareness as an effective and safer alternative to hormonal birth control.   
     Our bodies work in order to facilitate life. Whether you are in the phase of your life where you want (or do not want) to bring a new life into this world, the best way is to not fear the process, but to understand and respect sexuality and fertility. In this way we can be fertile beings with coherence and awareness.
     In general our society avoids the topic of fertility and most women do not understand how their bodies work. When it comes to women’s health, there’s a cultural barrier. Even a menstrual period is only discussed in terms of inconvenience, cramps and pain. When women are young and not ready for children, they are only taught how to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Fertility education needs to address fertility awareness and preventing infertility as well. Youth need to be given the proper language to describe their body parts. Many of the myths surrounding fertility need to be dispelled, such as teaching women exactly when they can get pregnant. Women need to know there are alternatives to hormonal birth control and understand that it is important (and ok) to be comfortable with the inconsistencies and unpredictable nature of their bodies. Fertility and health education should also include healthy eating strategies that support hormonal balance and relieve many of the symptoms associated with the shifts in the menstrual cycle.
     Fertility awareness could provide girls with the information which will empower them and help them to become confident young women who are in control of their lives, their health and their reproductive destiny. Through fertility awareness girls learn how to identify fertility signs that aid them in understanding what their individual body is doing. Fertility awareness empowers girls to understand, watch, observe and be a part of their ever changing bodies and thus provide a priceless sense of bodily confidence, insight and self-esteem.
     For those of us who have already gone through puberty and may be on our way towards menopause, there is still value in charting the menstrual cycle and practicing fertility awareness. Unfortunately, something that should be so simple - "reading" our body - is made complicated by many factors. There are layers of healing - both physical and emotional, which occur along the way. Often, there is much learning and unlearning to accomplish along this path.

What Exactly is Fertility Awareness?
In general, natural fertility awareness includes:

• Consideration of the combined fertility of the man and woman

• Observation, understanding, and charting of 3 primary signs of fertility: cervical fluid, basal body temperature, and position of the cervix (optional)

• Abstinence or additional barrier methods are required during the fertile phase of the cycle, approximately 7 days

     Fertility Awareness is the opportunity to connect intimately with your body – trusting it and following it, rather than looking outside for guidance. It is way of being connected to your body, fertility, sexuality, and health that stems from a daily practice of paying attention to and tracking the changes we as women go through on a cyclical basis. The practice of fertility awareness is valuable for all women, from puberty through menopause. It offers a clear understanding of the “window of fertility” and the confidence to then know how to use this information to make informed choices about when and if you want to become pregnant. It is especially useful for women who are having difficulty conceiving.
     On an emotional and spiritual level, it is an expansive practice that offers the potential for transformation and empowerment. On a physical level, it is a way to know when you are fertile, when you are not, and how well your hormones are doing at orchestrating the ebbs and flows of your cycle. Fertility awareness is an important and essential practice for women whether or not it is used as a method of birth control. 

     To learn more about how you can experience exceptional hormonal health and well-being check out my online course The Hormonal Bliss Project for Painless PMS & Menopause.

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Friday, December 18, 2015


     MOMS! I just want to say you are amazing. You are incredible. You are perfect. Just the way you are. I recently engaged in a Facebook conversation that I wish I hadn't. Isn't it really hard to just read posts and not put your two cents worth in? But sometimes you just have to speak up! Ya know? Anyway, that "conversation" is what inspired this post.
     I'd like to address the guilt and pressure mothers sometimes feel. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

* I should exercise. Look at my body! I'm a flabby mess and I feel like complete shit because my body never gets to move - aside from picking up toys off the floor and vacuuming.
* Why do I just want to run away? I wish I'd never had kids, life was so much EASIER before I became a mom!
* I should stop eating so much fast food and chocolate! No wonder I'm so fat and the kids teeth are rotting out of their skulls!
* Why do I yell so much at the kids? I am an awful mom - I am ruining my children.
and on, and on, and on.
* I should just put the kids in daycare and get a job - then maybe our family wouldn't be in such a financial mess. Oh, but then I will feel guilty for having someone else raise my kids! Oh, but just escaping from this insanity for a few hours each day would be so nice, and I'd get paid!
* The last thing on my mind right now is sex! How can he expect me to want to touch anyone else when I've had kids clinging to me all day. Oh, but our marriage is a disaster and maybe that would help - but dear god I just want to sleep!
* I'm going insane!

     If there is one thing I've discovered after having two kids is that life becomes more about survival than anything else, especially in the early years. Things you used to take for granted - oh like being able to go for a walk whenever you want, or peeing in privacy - suddenly seem like complete luxuries once you have a kid. You are placed in a pressure tank and the only thing you can do is take it moment by moment. The key word for surviving motherhood is "surrender." I say that with utmost sincerity and emphasis - surrender to everything. Surrender your idea of what life is supposed to be like, or what it once was. Surrender your notion of what a marriage should be and embrace what it is. Give yourself a break. Don't beat yourself up for every imperfection - your imperfect body, your imperfect kids, your imperfect diet, your imperfect pregnancy, your imperfect birth. LIFE ISN'T PERFECT. It wasn't before you had kids, it sure as hell isn't going to get any more idyllic now that you have them. Instead, celebrate those fleeting and precious moments of bliss you do experience. Savour them like the tastiest chocolate bar you "shouldn't" have. They are the treasures of motherhood and what will give you hope when all you feel is overwhelmed, despair, and are knee deep in dirty diapers and complete and utter chaos.

     I am now in what feels like the other side. The kids are in school for at least part of the week and our family is on the rebound in so many ways. The past year or so I've felt ready to focus more on me and do the things I always wished I could do when the wee ones were home all the time. I go for walks at least 3 times a week. I do yoga every other day. I am re-establishing my career. I have time to knit. It all comes back to you again, I promise. Things will never be the same as they were before I had kids. I wouldn't want them to. I always wanted a family - and even though my vision of what that would be like was totally idyllic, unrealistic and a romanticized version of the reality - I love my kids and am glad I have them. I just felt like I had to reach out to all the mommas out there and just say I understand what you are going through. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Don't let anyone make you feel like you aren't doing enough, or that you aren't working out enough, or you're not trying hard enough. You are enough. You are doing a great job. You are woman. You are mother. You are everything.

     I am sharing this image of the Indian Goddess Kali. She is a powerful symbol for mothers - I encourage you to embody her strength and energy.

"Kali is a particularly appropriate image for conveying the idea of the world as the play of the gods. The spontaneous, effortless, dizzying creativity of the divine reflex is conveyed in her wild appearance. Insofar as kali is identified with the phenomenal world, she presents a picture of that world that underlies its ephemeral and unpredictable nature. In her mad dancing, disheveled hair, and eerie howl there is made present the hint of a world reeling, careening out of control. The world is created and destroyed in Kali's wild dancing, and the truth of redemption lies in woman's awareness that she is invited to take part in that dance, to yield to the frenzied beat of the Mother's dance of life and death." (From

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Winter Solstice is just around the corner which means WINTER IS COMING! There are so many simple (and fun) things you can do to work with the energy of winter to stay happy and healthy - and I've outlined them all in this latest e-course - the second in my series of four. Normally I'd wait until the solstice to launch it, but there are so many great ideas, recipes and homemade gift giving inspirations that I had to release it early (did I mention there are Christmas cookie recipes in there too?)
     The 3 E-Books and 5 Video You Receive include:
* A Seasonal Rejuvenation Protocol with Self Care Practices, Herb & Supplement suggestion
* 3 Hatha & 2 Kundalini Yoga Videos for Winter Warmth, Adrenals & Kidneys
* Seasonal Eatings and Dietary Suggestions for Winter
* 60+ Seasonal Recipes in a Handy Recipe Book you can print out
* Seasonal Celebration Ideas and Recipes
* Wildcrafting in Winter + Recipes
* My New Year 3 Day (Warm) Detox - a nice reboot after the indulgence of the holidays!
     This program is designed to assist you in creating harmony and balance in your life by becoming consciously connected to the earth and it's rhythms. A seasonal routine is an important cornerstone of health, year round.

Makes a nice gift for yourself or for someone you love - ENJOY, and Happy Holidays :)
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