Tuesday, December 12, 2017


     Here is my official disclosure on why I've chosen Young Living as my business....

There are so very many reasons but I will just start and let it all roll out >>>>

     Now, I don't like to call myself a single mom, because technically I'm not. I mean, I'm solo, but fortunately my children do still have a very supportive father in their life ~ financially, physically, and emotionally. But I am a solo woman meaning I've got no one else's income to fall back on to keep this ship afloat. Yet I am still the primary care provider for my two young children which means I am on duty a few nights a week ~ gotta keep our house in order and all that comes with it. I need to be here for them during the summer, spring break, over the winter holidays, PA days, sick days and on, and on, and on. For all you momma's out there, you know how challenging it can be to find good paying work that gives you the flexibility to still be a mom, right?! Not to mention work that feeds your soul and that you know is in alignment with your purpose in life. So that is reason number one ~ Young Living is a job I can do on my own time and even with a crazy mom schedule.
     Reason number two is that is also enables me to continue my occupation as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and in fact it enhances my teaching. More often than not you will find me diffusing a very sweet blend of Young Living oils that magnify the purpose of our practice. As a yoga teacher there is a very obvious "glass ceiling" to the amount of money I can make, so I enthusiastically embrace the opportunity Young Living provides me to make great money and still teach without the pressure of having to pay the bills solely from my teaching income. Hey, while we are on the subject, here is the YL income disclosure statement ~ (and while you look at it, keep in mind that a huge percentage of members become members simply to buy and enjoy the product because it rocks, and don't actively sell any). It is such a relief to be a part of a company that actually rewards me for the amount of effort I put in! I put the work in, my income increases! For a mom who has been on duty 24/7 working her tush off for the past 10 years creating and raising humans, not to mention still hustling to make a buck wherever and however she can, it is quite a novelty to get paid for the work I do. It is thrilling actually.
     I'm going to be totally honest here and say my initial impulse to make Young Living my business was to make money. When my mentor and friend Reagan Jewitt ~ who is a Diamond Distributor with Young Living told me how much money she makes every month I lost my shit. I mean I had no idea that was even possible. I mean, here I am, a 42 year old mom of two young kids ~ separated from her husband, and am faced with the reality of having to just jump right into the (paid) workforce after 10 incredibly crazy years of motherhood. Jump in and swim right away. There is no more time for experimentation or business building. Those days are over. I have to make money, and FAST. I am hell bent on it being a fulfilling job too though. I'm not going to spend my days working at Wal-Mart (no offence to all the lovely people at Wal-Mart, I truly appreciate all that you do) in the rural town I live closest too. Right, I forgot to mention that, I live in the country, so the jobs around here are not exactly up my alley ya know!? I need to devote myself to work that feeds my soul, that makes me feel like I am doing the work that I came here to do. So, like I said, I figured yes I can wrap my head around selling essential oils because
a) I love essential oils
b) In my previous life I used to manage the cosmetics department of a busy downtown Toronto health food store which means I sold essential oils all the time, so yeah I had experience
c) Also in my previous life pre-babies I had a very successful natural skin care company called Anointment where I formulated products using, you guessed it, essential oils
d) I am also a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant who's goal is to help people live healthy, non-toxic lifestyles, which Young Living strives to do as well.......
     So as you can see I was a shoo-in for this essential oil biz. But then something incredibly crazy happened. I fell in love with the company. I mean, this was completely unexpected. When I read up on how Young Living began, and the dedication, devotion, and commitment Gary and Mary Young have to the creation of these potent distillations from nature, I was blown away. So, I went from having $$ signs in my eyes to having ** and hearts because this whole thing goes way beyond profit my friends ~ not that I think the two things need to be separated. I am all for prosperity and abundance for all ~ but it's gotta go hand in hand with quality, and Young Living's got it going on ~ and on all levels.
     Ok now, for the sake of not taking up too much of your time, I'm going to do the rest in point form because I have a LOT of reasons why I am in it for good:

4) Willable Income: Otherwise known as Legacy Income, once you are earning $3000/month, you can will your Young Living income to your children and spouse. Yeah, I know that is some sweet ass sheit.

5) I can take time off work, and still get paid! Once you have some business builders on your team, you can take a holiday, or sick leave for yourself or loved ones and still get a cheque in the mail. Yeah, and there's more...

6) I'm my own boss. I set my schedule. I work as hard or as soft as I want and I answer to me. Oh, and I can work from anywhere which means I can fly to Bali with my laptop and still work.

7) Guaranteed Bonuese: as you rank up in the company they fly you off to their numerous farms all over the world for a little vacay where you help with harvest, learn about oils and distillation, frolic in the fields, and sometimes even get to soak in a floral water hot tub overlooking the mountains. Tough life.

8) The products are amazing. The oils are made from plants that are beyond organic ~ they hand weed, and use stuff like essential oils instead of pesticides to care for their crops. Gary Young has perfected the art of distillation and does it the right way, without solvents or chemicals. The oils are actually pure and therapeutic grade ~ no fillers, extenders, or any additives.

9) The company gives back. So not only do they generously compensate their members, but Young Living has something called the D. Gary Young Foundation which sponsors many initiatives to help empower the lives of children and their families ~ including a school they started on the Ecuador farm.

10) Oh yeah, I forgot to empahsize and go into detail about the fact that Young Living has their own farms! They don't just sell oils, they actually grown the plants from (high quality superior strain) seeds, then distill them, bottle them, and distribute them. They have farms all over the world! They also have partner farms that follow their strict SEED to SEAL standards.

11) I have the amazing support of other Young Living business builders to show me the ropes so that I too continue to be a huge success at my business. Anyone who joins my team has access to these experienced YL pros in addition to my wholehearted coaching support. We can't go wrong ~ I just wish I had started sooner!

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