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Superfoods I Consume Daily for Energy, Hormone Balance, (ultra) Libido, and Stress Relief!

Here's my latest video where I go over my top 4 Superfoods that I consume daily!

What exactly is a SUPERFOOD?
     A superfood is a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health or well being. As we know, essential vitamins and minerals are required for many bodily processes. Superfoods provide these nutrients but they are often found in very high levels, or as part of a particularly impressive array of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants packing into the one food.
     As a result of their unique nutritional composition, superfoods have often been used traditionally in medicine and are frequently subject to research as it is believed they can offer some therapeutic effect beyond that of your average fruit or vegetable. Impressive!

In case you're one of those people who prefers to read over watch, I will summarize:

     Used for over 2000 years in Chinese Medicine, wolf berries are an excellent source of anti-oxidants which fight free radicals  ~ substances or nutrients in our foods which can prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body. Antioxidants act as "free radical scavengers" and help repair damage done by these free radicals and prevent future damage. Many of the most common health problems are all contributed by oxidative damage. Antioxidants may also enhance immune defense and therefore lower the risk of health issues.
     Goji berries were used in ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years to treat a number of ailments ranging from liver and kidney problems to issues with the skin, eyes, immune system and digestive tract.
     The long-term consumption of goji berries has traditionally been linked to improved immunity and longevity. Communities eating them were thought to live longer and were said to enjoy relatively ailment-free lives.
     The Yellow River flood plain where the Ningxia Wolf Berry (which is used in Ningxia Red), derives its water from the Himalayan mountains. The water from these mountains is charged with an unprecedented assortment of minerals and organic nutrients.
Some highlights of the nutritional composition of Wolf Berries…
* A “virtual vitamin capsule in the form of a fruit”, the Wolf berry contains over 21 essential minerals
* High quality protein source ~18 amino acids ~ and it’s a fruit!!
* Extraordinarily high levels of thiamin (B1), niacin (B3) (and vitamin C in the fresh fruit)
* High levels of antioxidants including the carotenoids beta-carotene and zeaxanthin, these scavenge free radicals in the body protecting our cells from oxidative stress
* The Ningxia wolf berry’s mineral profile and mineral balance are unparalleled. Minerals (calcium, zinc, copper, chromium, magnesium, potassium and manganese) are important for many bodily functions, but they must be properly balanced. The Ningxia wolfberry contains ideal mineral proportions: almost 1:1 magnesium to calcium, 2:1 zinc to copper, and 8:1 potassium to magnesium ratios.
* Contains essential fatty acids which we need to obtain from our diet, these help with anti-inflammatory pathways and support our nervous system
* Good Source of Polysaccharides – The unique combinations of polysaccharides present in goji berries - so-called Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP’s) after the berry itself, have also been subject to research and are thought to be responsible for many of the potential benefits. These are thought to exert antioxidant activities and may have some positive effects on our blood sugar regulation, weight management and immune function.
* Ounce for ounce, goji berries offer more beta-carotene than carrots and more iron than soybeans and spinach, which makes them a great source to help stave off iron deficiency.

What is Ningxia Red?
     Young Living's Ningxia Red is an amazing, energizing, fortifying nutrient drink for the whole family. It’s the only nutrient drink on the market that combines whole wolf berries (also called goji berries) of the highest quality and pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils into a single beverage that tastes as good as it is for you. 
     It’s made with several SUPERFOODS including whole wolf berries, as well as blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices. Ningxia Red also contains natural stevia extract, grape seed extract, pure vanilla extract, and orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils. 
50% of NingXia Red consists of pureed whole Wolf Berries!!

     Maca is a type of cruciferous vegetable native to the Andes of Peru. It is an “adaptogen,” a name given to certain herbs, plants and natural substances that help the body naturally adapt to stressors like a busy schedule, demanding job or illness.Not only that, but maca provides a host of important micronutrients and is jam-packed with antioxidants, and it has been shown to improve sexual health, balance hormone levels, and boost energy, mood and memory.
Maca Root Benefits
1. Rich in Antioxidants: Maca root acts as a natural antioxidant, boosting levels of antioxidants like glutathione and superoxide dismutase in the body. Antioxidants help neutralize harmful free radicals, fighting off chronic disease and preventing damage to cells.
2. Enhances Energy, Mood and Memory
3. Improves Female Sexual Health

     Those who regularly use maca powder report that it makes them feel more awake, energized and driven, often relatively quickly after beginning to use it. Plus, maca can help increase energy without giving you the “jitters” or a sense of shakiness like high level of caffeine can.Several studies have also found that maca root benefits memory and focus
     Multiple studies have confirmed that maca benefits female sexual health. Maca root may be able to improve sexual dysfunction and boost sex drive in women. Maca root benefits both psychological symptoms and sexual function in post-menopausal women. In fact, maca was able to reduce menopause-associated depression.
     Maca is also able to balance female sex hormones and has even been shown to alleviate symptoms of menopause.  Balancing hormone levels is crucial to many aspects of reproductive health and can help reduce symptoms like infertility, weight gain and bloating.

     Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that’s popular in Ayurvedic medicine. It has been used for more than 2,500 years. Ashwagandha is valued for its thyroid-modulating, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are just some of its many benefits.
     In India, it is traditionally used to strengthen the immune system after illness. It’s also been referred to as “Indian ginseng” because of its ability to enhance your stamina and work as a natural stress reliever, and those aren’t the only benefits of ashwagandha.
There have been over 200 studies on ashwagandha benefits, including the herb’s ability to:
* Improve thyroid function
* Treat adrenal fatigue
* Reduce anxiety and depression
* Reduce stress
* Increase stamina and endurance
* Prevent and treat cancer
* Reduce brain cell degeneration
* Stabilize blood sugar
* Lower cholesterol
* Boost immunity

     Turmeric grows in India and other Southeast Asian countries. It is a member of the ginger family. The dried root of this plant is ground into the distinctive yellow powder, giving it the name golden spice.
     Why is turmeric good for you? There are several chemical compounds found in this herb, known as curcuminoids. The active substance is curcumin. Curcumin is what makes turmeric a functional superfood. 
1. May Slow or Prevent Blood Clots
2. May Reduce Depression Symptoms
3. Fights Inflammation
5. Arthritis 
6. Could Treat or Prevent Certain Cancers
4. Boosts Skin Health

How Do I Take These Superfoods?
     The most delicious and convenient way to enjoy Wolf Berries is by drinking Young Living's Ningxia Red! It's the highlight of my morning and I drink it as soon as I wake up. 

The Maca, Ashwagandha & Turmeric I enjoy in my smoothies, or drinking it as Golden Milk.

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