Sunday, December 11, 2011


I've been loving all these inspiring ideas for homemade Yule Tree ornaments:

Christmas Tree Ornament Set of Three Mini Merino Wool Felt Trees in Pink, Green and White with Vintage Buttons
(photo from Paper and Whimsy esty shop)
* 101 ways to reuse buttons - little christmas trees on this etsy shop were the inspiration for a similar craft, except I double sided the tree and stuffed it with wool roving, then sewed on multicoloured buttons

* Martha Stewart's button wreath made a great craft for my almost 4 year old who really enjoyed stringing them onto pipe cleaners all by himself
(photo from apron thrift girl website)
* lovely beeswax ornaments which I am inspired to make, perhaps this week
(photo from Arian Studio

* this sweet little toque ornament from Arian Armstrong's blog was too cute to resist making
Petunia star and bead ornaments
(photo from Petunia blog, but the link for directions on how to make appear to no longer connect!)
* these simple stars from Petunia were quite easy to make, but then I complicated matters by double siding them, stuffing them with roving, adding some beadwork, and then blanket stitching around the edges!
handmade pine cone gnome Christmas ornament
(photo from the Magic Onion blog)

* and as always, the Magic Onion blog had so many lovely craft ideas, but I couldn't resist making a couple of these Pinecone Gnomes

So aside from crafting my little heart out I've been loving:
* Dr. Hauschka body care, again
* Brie cheese on toast with pears
* hot chocolate
* spending time with family and friends today out in the sunshine cutting down our Yule tree, laughing, singing into the Santa-oki machine (and then going nuts when the kids wouldn't stop), feasting and then decorating.  

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